The design process of KPF, built and improved upon for more than 40 years, and the data-rich methodology of KPFui work cooperatively, allowing us to develop the most innovative and advanced building designs in the world. Innovation only truly occurs when research and experimentation are grounded in practice. As researchers and designers, we accomplish this by:

  • collaborating with universities, city planners and public advocacy groups to conduct generalized and conceptual research. We stay at the forefront of the most current and relevant urban planning and development issues while fostering a dialogue that is thorough and inclusive.

  • developing advanced methodologies for visualizing urban data analysis, displaying data to be accessible and understandable.

  • building data-rich, interactive applications that are specific to projects or cities. We match stakeholder assumptions with data analytics, creating platforms that are operative in real time.

KPF Urban Interface is:

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Watch KPFui director Luc Wilson talk about data-driven design:

Watch KPFui director Luc Wilson talk about the Science of Supertalls with CURE director Jesse Keenan:

The virtues and drawbacks of supertall skyscrapers in New York are the subject of much debate, but their true impact is hard to measure in the absence of an analytical approach. MAS partners Columbia's Center for Urban Real Estate and KPF will delve into the "science of supertalls," presenting a series of quantitative methods and qualitative interpretations for understanding the nature of new development in urban contexts.